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  • Wellness Credits

Wellness Credits

There are several ways employees can earn wellness credits.  Please see the wellness incentive completion form for all details and tracking information.  Some of the references and links to earn wellness credit are listed below.  

  • Tobacco Cessation Program, with atleast 4 sessions with a QuitNet Counselor (2 CREDITS) call 1-800-QuitNet. AND/OR Medication Management with a Physician.
  • Marquee Health Wellness Coaching Program, with alteast 4 sessions (2 CREDITS) Please call 800-882-2109 to particpate.
  • LiveWell Nutrition Counseling or "Weigh to Health" classes.  Call 435-251-3793 to participate.

 LOCAL EVENTS AND RACES (see each event/race for point value)

  • To be announced.


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